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4 Ways A Clean Workplace Will Improve Your Business

As a business owner, your first priority is probably not on the cleanliness of your building. You are inundated with major business decisions and tasks that will affect your business RIGHT NOW – so vacuuming the carpets or washing the windows easily become a task that “can be done later.” However, a clean workplace can lead to better productivity from your employees as well as more business for you. We Clean Everything has seen how a clean workplace has impacted many businesses. Here are 4 ways that a clean work environment can help your business flourish!

Production And Efficiency Growth

Everybody knows that happy employees work better and more efficiently. Cluttered areas or piles of unused and unnecessary items or equipment can make it difficult for your employees to find what they are looking for, or to get to spaces they need to efficiently do their jobs. When your employee’s know exactly where each item is and can access spaces and tools or equipment easily, they don’t have to waste time hunting down items they need or clearing space to do their jobs. Efficiency and productivity improve with a clean workplace, and so will your employees’ overall attitudes.

First Impressions

A good first impression can turn a potential client into a loyal client that is quick to hand out referrals. If a client walks into your business and sees how well the carpets, windows, and space are taken care of, they automatically associate that with the quality and care you put into your product or service. First impressions, good or bad, leave a lasting impression. Having a clean work environment can only improve the reputation of you and your business.

Cleaner Air

Has your air quality seemed a little….down-graded? Does the air feel stuffy, mildewy, or just smelly? Professional janitorial services like We Clean Everything don’t just help clean bathrooms and throw out the garbage, but we can make sure that the air quality in your commercial building meets the same standards as the look of the environment itself. When your building is thoroughly cleaned and kept up regularly, it reflects in the air that you breathe. Maintaining clean air can help keep you and your employees stay healthy and feel better.


Business owners are under a lot of pressure to maintain safety standards. Not only for the business to be productive, but also for the sake of your employees. Dirty work environments can turn into unsafe places for your employees to work. Unclean floors can cause slippery spots and clutter can cause stumbles and falls. You can help reduce safety risks by relying on a professional janitorial service to keep your workplace cleaner.

Professional Routine Janitorial Cleaning

Consistent professional janitorial cleaning is a great way to improve the overall functionality of your company. From your employees’ health and safety to improving your brand, clean workspaces help promote a happier, higher-quality business that clients want to work with and employees want to work in. Make sure your business is functioning optimally by calling We Clean Everything for your routine commercial cleaning.

Benefits of Hiring Post-Construction Cleaning Services

With the last swing of the hammer, the construction workers begin collecting their tools, loading up the truck, and driving off into the sunset to their next site. Their job is done. You take a step back and imagine a time in the near future when the area will be bustling with your employees, each working hard to grow your business. You become antsy with anticipation and excited to start this new phase.

Yet, while looking around you begin to notice a few things. Disregarded nails and screws scattered everywhere, piles of lumber, and trash and cigarette butts each way you look. Taking a step inside you see that the interior isn’t much better. The construction has left dirt, dust, junk, and construction materials on every surface. You begin to panic realizing that you haven’t hired a cleaning service and you have no time or expertise to clean this mess up. Your employees will have to wait. Or will they?

At We Clean Everything, we’ve got you covered. We understand that most construction companies are only focused on getting the build or renovations complete, not focusing on the clean-up once the final nail is hammered. We also get that you have other things on your mind and post-construction cleaning is not in your job title. Our professional post-construction cleaning services want to reduce the time between your new project and the time you finally get to enjoy your new space. Here are a few benefits you’ll see when you hire the pros.


After the construction workers have finished the job, some of the debris and materials left behind can be sharp and pose a serious safety concern for you or your employees if you decide to do it on your own. Our professionals are not only insured for the job but have the knowledge and experience to get it done efficiently and safely. Not only that, but we will also be sure to clean up the site with no damage done to the new workplace.

Proper Disposal

Disposing of waste materials from a construction site isn’t as easy you may think. One is not able to just toss the junk into any given trash can. There are rules and regulations in place to prevent this and without the proper knowledge of local regulations, you’re likely to get in trouble with the law and receive a hefty fine for dumping. Instead of pulling a mission in the dead of night, throwing junk away in separate garbage bins around the city, just let the professionals handle it. We know where the proper areas for disposal are and are happy to do it!

Save Time

Instead of spending the time looking for the right cleaning products and materials, finding employees to do the job, and not being guaranteed that the clean-up will be done efficiently and effectively, spend that time continuing to do your actual job. UMG Cleaning promises a detailed and complete cleaning done in a timely manner to let you continue on with your work.

Save Money

While you might think that doing the job yourself will save you and your company money, the opposite is actually the case. When taking into account the money you will spend on cleaning supplies, insuring your workers AND providing them with extra money to do something outside of their job description, and the time spent cleaning instead of making money for the company, you’ll come out of the project with less money and more of a headache than you would had you just hired our professionals in the first place.

Detailed & Complete Clean

Maybe the most beneficial part of hiring our professional cleaners is the quality of work we offer. We know what we’re doing, we know where to clean, and we are willing to get down on our hands and knees to guarantee that your new building or renovation is sparkling clean and ready for business.

We Clean Everything

Hiring us for your post-construction cleaning not only saves you time and money, but will also relieve you from the stress of the job. Let the professionals get it done while you focus on your work. If you’re interested in our cleaning services, whether it be in post-construction, residential, commercial, or more, be sure to contact us today to hire the best cleaning services in all of Manitoba.

Oven Cleaning

A Natural Oven Cleaner Without Harsh Chemicals

If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients on the label of a commercial oven cleaner, you know it’s a laundry list of chemicals. Conventional oven cleaners contain a range of chemicals such as potassium hydroxide, monoethanolamine, sodium hydroxide, and butoxydiglycol. These and other chemicals can irritate your respiratory system and burn your skin, lungs, and eyes. Directions for using a commercial oven cleaner recommend wearing long gloves and avoiding inhaling the fumes. Understandably, many people are concerned about using these chemicals around their families and pets or in an appliance used to cook your food.

Fortunately, there is a natural alternative to commercial oven cleaners, and you don’t have to worry about wearing gloves to use it. As a bonus, it costs a fraction of the price of spray-on oven cleaners and it doesn’t leave a chemical residue that can cause odors the next time you use your oven.

Basic Oven Cleaning with Baking Soda

Baking soda is non-toxic, inexpensive, easy-to-use, and remarkably effective on cleaning oven grease. Baking soda is alkaline, and oven grease made of food particles is typically acidic. Baking soda neutralizes acids and breaks down the grease, allowing you to wipe it up without a lot of elbow grease. It’s also a mild abrasive, so it works well at removing dried, stuck-on foods. You don’t have to turn your oven on, and you can use it immediately after cleaning with baking soda.

In most cases, baking soda works its magic in just 15 minutes, making oven cleaning less of an arduous chore and more something you can do in the span of a single episode of your favorite sitcom.

The basic baking soda oven cleaner recipe for regularly cleaned or lightly soiled ovens is as follows:


  • ½ cup ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda
  • 3 tablespoons water


  • In a small bowl, combine the ingredients to make a paste roughly the consistency of pancake batter.
  • Remove the racks from the oven.
  • Using a rubber spatula or a gloved hand, smear the paste over the dirty parts, whether metal or glass. Avoid the heating elements.
  • Let the paste sit for 15-20 minutes.
  • Wipe up the paste and loosened dirt and grease with wet paper towels.
  • Wipe the oven’s interior with a wet paper towel, using water or a 3:1 mixture of water and distilled vinegar.

Repeat if necessary for tougher stains, or try the heavy-duty method below.

Heavy Duty Oven Cleaning with Baking Soda

Let’s face it. Sometimes we don’t always make cleaning the oven a priority. Sometimes months, even years, can go by between oven cleanings. It happens. If your oven is in the heavily soiled category, you can still use baking soda to get it back to sparkling. Try this alternate recipe instead:

  • 1 pound ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda
  • 1 tablespoon salt (regular table salt is fine)
  • 2 tablespoons water

Mix together in a bowl to make a thick, sandy paste, along the consistency of cake icing, adding additional water 1/2 tablespoon at a time if needed. This recipe will make enough to deep clean an oven floor. Triple the recipe if you are doing the back, sides, ceiling, and oven floor.

Remove the racks from your oven. Using a spatula, cover the entire metal or glass surfaces with the paste. Shut the oven door and leave it overnight in the cold oven. The paste will harden by morning.

Once the paste is hardened, use the rubber spatula and warm, wet paper towels to loosen and wipe up the baking soda and dirt. You’ll reveal the oven’s original, stain-free surface underneath and your oven will have gone through an extreme makeover.

Cleaning Your Oven with Baking Soda and Vinegar

You can also use vinegar in a spray bottle to help baking soda get the job done and to be sure you’ve removed all baking soda after cleaning. Here’s a quick oven-cleaning with baking soda shortcut you can use immediately after you have a spill in your oven.

  • Sprinkle baking soda liberally over the stain.
  • Spritz with water, or a 3:1 water to white vinegar solution. If you use vinegar, baking soda will bubble.
  • Let sit for 15-20 minutes, after your oven has cooled.
  • Wipe up baking soda and dissolved food with wet paper towels.
  • Wipe the entire oven interior with a 3:1 water to vinegar solution.

Benefits of Deep Carpet Shampoo Cleaning

Millions of home and business owners have carpet in their homes and establishments due to its appearance and comfort.  While carpet is a great choice for flooring, it is important that the homeowner properly care for the carpet by performing routine maintenance.  Part of this routine maintenance is having professional carpet cleaners come every 6-18 months depending on use.  Although most people have seen advertisements for this type of service, they might not fully understand its benefits.  Below is a list of the top 5 reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Health Benefits:

Carpets tend to trap a variety of dust particles, bacteria, and allergens found in the home.  Such airborne dust particles have been linked to nose, sinus, and breathing problems such as asthma.  If these contaminants are not removed from the carpet, they can cause numerous health problems, especially in young children.  While vacuuming is certainly an important part of maintaining your carpet, it alone cannot eliminate such contaminants.  Dust, dirt, and bacteria that has accumulated on the carpet over a period can only be removed through professional grade products used to clean and sanitize your home that are part of a professional cleaning service.


Professional carpet cleaning can help prevent many serious problems.  Among these problems is reducing or eliminating dust mite infestations.  Many homes are infested with dust mites, yet the homeowners are not even aware that these microscopic creatures have taken over their carpet.  Dust mites are a major source of allergens and professionals have the tools and products necessary to reduce or eliminate such infestations.  In addition to dust mites, carpets are at high risk for developing mold.  This is especially true in areas with high humidity levels.  When moisture such as rain and snow is constantly being tracked in the house, it gets driven deep into the carpet fibers and can cause mold to grow.  Routine carpet cleaning can help prevent the growth of mold in your carpet.


In addition to trapping a variety of allergens and bacteria, carpet also tends to trap odors.  This is especially true if the homeowners have pets.  Pet urine and feces can be one of the most difficult smells to remove from carpet fibers.  However, professional companies have patented formulas for removing even the toughest odors from your carpet.


While vacuuming and spot cleaning play a very important part in maintaining your carpet’s appearance, the most effective way to ensure your carpet keeps an attractive appearance is by having the carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year.  Not only will this ensure a deep clean for your carpets, but it will help to remove unwanted stains as well.

Extends the life of your carpet:

Expert carpet cleaners provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your carpets have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.  Regular cleanings will ensure that your carpet is looking its best year-round.  Since they are trained professionals, you can rest assured that they are using tools and products that won’t harm or damage your carpets.

Carpet can be quite an investment, so protect that investment by properly caring for your carpet.  Daily maintenance and routine cleanings by a professional will help you to achieve more than just a good appearance.  It will help to ensure that your home is clean, fresh, and healthy.



Tips for Staging a Home

Furniture Arrangement – Sometimes all it takes is a new plan. If your client has been living in the home for awhile, changing the furniture placement may be a good idea. A home stager can access the design layout and advise on updated ways of creating good “feng shui” in your home.

Decor – There may be nothing wrong with the current decor but if it is too different or too traditional it could be a barrier for prospects to even view the house. Changing out pictures, paint colors, throw pillows and other items can completely change the look and feel. Something as simple as changing out the old brass door knobs and light fixtures can make a home look fresh and modern.

Clutter – A talented home stager will point out areas that contain too much stuff. It is best to listen to this advice as it is definitely a deterrent when selling a home. Clearing out closets, minimizing items that are sitting around on tables or counters, removing excess furniture that makes a room too crowded, are all things you can do to declutter. Too much junk (even stuff you love and value) will make a home look messy. If your client doesn’t want to get rid of his grandmother’s deer head she shot for your grandpa, find a place to store it that isn’t in the house. Not everyone has an appreciation for sentimental value.

Home Organization – A well-organized living space looks clean and neat. This can’t be skipped when trying to stage a home.

Cleaning – A skilled staging consultant will counsel your customer to clean the home from top to bottom. While the first step is to get possible buyers interested, the next step is getting them to buy! Many people aren’t interested in buying other people’s homes because a new home comes clean and ready for move-in. Listed homes must beat out the competition by being clean, clean, clean!

We Clean Everything is here to help make that house sparkle. Give us a call, you wont regret it!


As your friendly trusted local business, We Clean Everything has always put its clients first and been providing exception flexible various cleaning services for the past decade! As we navigate through these uncertain times, our professional team has been busy with combatting COVID-19 in order to stop the spread.

As a family business, we understand the impact that this pandemic has had on all of us. Due to a lot of businesses that have been temporarily closed, we have been disinfecting establishments, offices and even homes in hopes that when we return to our normal lives, our places of business and homes are fully disinfected, free of COVID 19.

We Clean Everything is fully equipped to handle all sort of disinfecting jobs and tasks with the highest protection to both our staff and clients.

Please contact us for all your cleaning needs, today!

Cleaning and Your Health

If you spend any time on the internet looking for news, statistics, or products related to cleaning (like I do), you will come to find (like I have) that there is a lot of information out there. The problem is there are so many different opinions or companies trying to sell their products making it difficult to understand what is most accurate. There are articles explaining the dangers of not killing enough germs to keep you healthy, others explaining that killing too many germs resulting in a weakened immune system, and, others still, that describe the dangers of chemical cleaning products. So I did some digging and fond some facts that almost every expert to agree upon.

  1. Many chemical cleaning products are dangerous. Unfortunately, it can take years before health effects related to cleaning products appear which makes it very difficult to make a clear connection between the health problem and chemical that caused it. It also means that a product can be popular for decades before anyone knows it may be harmful. Now that chemical cleaning products have been around for some time, a number of them have been linked to health conditions and diseases such as cancer, asthma (and other respiratory issues), and rashes and skin conditions. We do our best to use harsh chemicals, as little as possible and are happy to discuss any concerns you may have regarding the products (both chemical and natural) that we use to clean.
  2. Not cleaning your home can lead to a build up of germs, mold, mildew, and dust that can be harmful to your health. It is important to clean your house regularly, but that doesn’t mean you have to go around disinfecting everything. Some basic guidelines to follow are: (a) Bathroom: Wipe down or squeegee your shower and sink daily to prevent moisture build up and clean all bathroom surfaces once a week to prevent mold and mildew (which have been linked to respiratory infection and asthma) (b) Carpets: Vacuuming should be done once a week and you should have your carpets professionally steam cleaned at least ONCE A YEAR (every 6 months if you have pets). This helps remove dust which can be harmful to your health and maintain the condition of your carpet (some carpet warranties even require professional steam cleaning in order to remain valid). (c) Dusting: Don’t forget about the walls and ceiling. These, along with your furniture and flooring, should be wiped off/swept once a week to prevent dust from building up.
  3. Killing too many germs does limit your immune system. Overusing products that are designed to kill all forms of bacteria can kill so many that your body rarely comes into contact with them in your home. The problem is we do not spend all of our time in our homes. If your body has been unable to build up antibodies slowly and then you go out into the world and come in contact with any kind of germ, you will probably get sick.
  4. NEVER mix bleach and ammonia or bleach and vinegar. The bleach and ammonia mixture will result in the creation of toxic vapors and the bleach and vinegar mixture will result in the creation of toxic gas. Both can do a great deal of damage to your lungs in the long-term, but a burning sensation in your lungs can be felt almost immediately. Look for the ingredients of cleaning products before using them alongside each other.

Life is busy and, at times, it seems like there will never be a second to just sit and relax. However, your best bet is to make sure you are healthy enough to enjoy that second when it does come around. Better yet, turn that second into a few minutes or an hour and let us come take care of the cleaning!

Why to hire a cleaning company?

People tend to understand why businesses, big and small, hire cleaning companies to clean their office or warehouse spaces, but there is a lot less understanding when it comes to hiring a cleaning company for your home. When I was starting this business, I talked to many friends, family members, and co-workers to hear their thoughts on hiring help for their residential cleaning and considered how to address their concerns. Since starting We Clean Everything, we have heard many of those same concerns echoed by clients and potential clients. Some of the most common concerns include: “It will be too expensive”, “My house is too messy, maybe once I get it organized I will call for cleaning”, “I don’t want anyone to see my house the way it is”, “I should be able to do it myself. My mother/father/grandparents/etc. worked full-time and had children/hobbies/multiple jobs, but their house was always clean”.

So here I would like to address some of those concerns:

  • Too expensive – Yes, hiring a cleaning service will probably be an extra expense. But, it does NOT have to be out of reach of your budget. As a family business, we offer some flexibility that you may not find elsewhere. Plus, there are significant physical and mental health benefits to having a clean, healthy environment where you can feel calm and relaxed (It’s been researched: “The Powerful Psychology Behind Cleanliness” ). Once your house is clean, it may also be more manageable to maintain. So, maybe hiring someone once or twice a year would be enough to put your mind, and wallet, at ease. The point: We offer a variety of services, at a variety of prices. We are more than happy to discuss whether we can work within your budget.
  • My house is too messy/I can’t let anyone see it – People can be very judgmental, but WE ARE NOT HERE TO JUDGE YOU. We just want to help you. Sure, cleaning is our job, but we also really enjoy what we do. There is nothing more satisfying for us than to, first, see the transformation from before to after, and second, see how happy our clients are with the work we have done! The point: Life can be busy, stressful, and overwhelming. Don’t worry about what we’re going to think coming into your home. I can guarantee you that you are not alone, we have seen messier, and we just want to help you!
  • I should be able to do it because other people manage – To this I ask you to consider the following quote: “Comparison is the thief of joy” (often attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, but there seems to be some debate about that). Just because someone else seems to be managing, doesn’t mean that you can or have to or should be. All people are different; they find enjoyment in different things, tolerate different levels of stress, choose to prioritize different things. Cleaning takes time and effort and if you would rather direct that energy elsewhere, that’s what you should do (that is also why WE ARE HERE!) The point: Don’t compare what other people do or feel to what you are doing or feeling. What is right for them may not be right for you and that is okay!

Of course, there are other concerns that people have, but those are some of the most common ones that we have come across. If you are interested in hiring a cleaning company but are bothered by any concerns feel free to contact us! The more information you have, the less scary it can be.


Welcome to Our New Blog

I am excited to tell you that We Clean Everything is starting a blog. It is our hope to provide our site visitors with interesting, informative, and hopefully entertaining posts filled with tips, facts, stories, and, maybe, a few laughs.