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Floor Waxing/Polishing

We understand how much daily grime can accumulate during the day-to-day operations of your business. The condition of flooring influences how visitors view your business, educational institution, medical office, factory, or car dealership.

Why go to the expense of replacing your floor when you can get it restored for a fraction of the price? Regular maintenance of your flooring helps extend its working life. Shiny, smooth floors are great for creating company ambiance and lasting impressions. Especially in winter months where your employees and customers will unavoidably trek in icy sidewalk salt and sand.

We specialize in floor waxing services and quality commercial floor cleaning. We ensure areas are mopped, scrubbed, buffed and varnished on-time and regularly. Not only is extra attention paid to high-traffic areas that require focused work, but we use the latest cleaning and restoration products and techniques, ensuring minimum disruption and maximum the benefit.